Arthur Cole Painting Corporation

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Arthur Cole Painting Corporation- Services

Since 1960, Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has provided New England with expertise and guidance for painting projects as diverse as our New England landscape. As a 2nd generation family operated business, we provide expert services for all phases of painting and wall covering, including:

• Concrete
• Containment Systems
• Corrosion
• Decorative Services
• Failure Analysis
• Gypsum
• Harsh Chemical & Humidity Protection
• Historic Restorations
   • Masonry
   • Steel      
   • Temperature Extremes
   • Wood

We provide management and a team of skilled professionals for delivery on time and on budget a full 7 days a week, including off-hours. Some of what we work on include:

Anti-graffiti coatings
Applicators of architectural design
coating Polomyx and Zolatone
• Commercial facilities and
common areas
• Electrostatic Coatings
• Fire restorations
• In patient facilities, nursing/Alzheimer's
• Labs and clean areas
• Millwork finishing in shop and off-site
Rigging experts, swing staging,
scaffolding, aerial work
Shop services, mass productions,
shop material applications  
   Tanks, silos, corrosive steel
   Wall coverings - vinyl, fabric, murals
   Wood staining, training, faux

Millwork, Cabinetry & On-Site Stained Wood Repairs

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation provides staining and refinishing services and repairs for on-premise locations, as well as completion in our large shop for projects containing millwork and cabinetry, and doors and casings. Our work includes on site wood stain repairs and varnishing using low and no VOC products to improve air quality.

Shop conditions include the ability to wood stain, as well as provide shading and toning coats, and the use of pre and post catalyzed lacquers and varnishes, as well as catalyzed urethanes on top of the coloring for exceptionally beautiful finishes.

On all jobs we offer custom finishes, and our shop work affords the opportunity for mass production.

Wallcovering & Plastic Walls

Our team of professional installers will quickly and reasonably hang a diverse and complicated array of fine fabrics, vinyls, papers, and commercial wall products including:

• Acrovyn wall protection systems
• Bamboo products
• Borders
• Dry-erase boards
• Fiberglass coverings as part of
impervious walls

   • FRP wall protection
   • Movable fabric partitions
   • Wood walls

Biotechnology & Clean Area Manufacturing

We complete full service wall repairs and painting for the biotech/pharmaceutical and clean industries. Some of the services we provide include:

Some of our customers include:
• Certified applicator of Tnemec's
Stranlock impervious walls for Clean

• Epoxy coatings
• Industrial flooring applications
Maintenance painting

   • Pilot plant maintenance painting on
floors, boilers, piping
   • Tanks, process piping

• Abbott Laboratories
• EMD Serono
• Foster Biomedical
• Lonza Biologics Inc
   • Molecular Insight Pharmacueticals
   • Strauman USA


Arthur Cole Painting Corporation  P.O. Box 16583  Worcester, MA 01601  P: (508) 799-9019  F: (508) 797-4049