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39 Mason Street, Worcester, MA 01610

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Welcome Arthur Cole Painting Corporation

Our Company

Trusted & depended for over 50 years for painting & wall covering

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation has completed many of the important projects in our geographic area in the last half century.

As one of the largest merit shop contractors in New England, we strive to first completely understand our customers' goals and their project aspirations before creating a plan that will foster a successful project turn-around.

Our client base includes construction managers, colleges, hospitals and health-care providers, and the large-growth pharmaceutical industry. We also serve industries with special coating applications requirements for industrial protection.

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is dedicated to providing the best coating applications at a reasonable price and in an efficient manner. We proudly develop close working relationships with our customers and strive to build lasting goodwill.

About Us
Our Employees
The measure of any business is more than quality of its work, but also the quality of its employees. We strive to build and foster long-lasting relationships with our employees. It's the people who work at Arthur Cole Painting Corporation that bring our customers back year after year.

Our hiring process consists of a careful interview, a written painting exam, new hire training and a character evaluation. We provide ongoing training and support and offer a company culture that rewards excellence. And it works; for us, for our employees, and most importantly, it will work for you. Some of our employees have been with us for nearly two decades. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of our work!

Safety on the Job

Arthur Cole Painting Corporation conducts its business in full compliance with all regulatory and environmental statutes including those set forth by:

   • Federal Government - OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Act)
   • State Government - Massachusetts Department of Labor and Industries

We approach each project with an assessment of potential hazards and a plan to avoid them. Our Safety Committee utilizes a comprehensive Safety Manual, rigorous and regular training, and stringent monitoring to avoid accidents at job sites. It is our policy that all aspects of operations shall be conducted in a safe manner. Our employee’s personal commitment towards maintaining a safe working environment and cooperation in acting in a safe manner is mandatory.  This includes: a constant awareness of any and all potentially hazardous conditions, prompt reporting of these conditions to the Safety Coordinator, attendance at all safety meetings and an operating knowledge of current safety policies and procedures.  It is a condition of continued employment at our company that every employee shall abide by the set forth safety policies.We recognize that safeguarding the health and welfare of our employees is of the highest priority.


Arthur Cole Painting Corporation is fully insured, including liability, Worker’s Compensation and a $5,000,000 umbrella insurance policy. Certificates of insurance are provided to clients upon request.


Arthur Cole Painting Corporation  P.O. Box 16583  Worcester, MA 01601  P: (508) 799-9019  F: (508) 797-4049

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